Christine Sanfilippo, DC

Cecilia I. Leppen DC

​Jim Ribley, DC

Dr. Caitlin Siegel grew up in the downriver area and graduated from Woodhaven High School.  She attended Wayne State University where she received her Bachelors of Science in nutrition.   She graduated Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta, Georgia.  She is the daughter of Dr. Scott Siegel and has been adjusted since she was a newborn.  She has been involved in sports since a young age and realized the benefits of chiropractic and fitness when she was cheerleading in college.  Since undergraduate school she has been involved in triathlons, road running, and trail running.  She has a passion for being out in nature exploring different sceneries.  As an athlete she recognizes the importance of not only adjusting the spine, but also treating the surrounding muscles.  She believes that for your body to stay in perfect alignment it is important to take care of your spine, as well as the musculature and fascia.  Being involved in triathlons, and her desire to one day become an ironman, inspired her to pursue a certification in Active Release Technique.  This movement technique helps treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.  She hopes to serve the local athletic community through spinal manipulation and A.R.T for optimum health and fitness.

Dr. Leppen, brings to our clinic nearly 30 years of experience. 
She grew up in the downriver area on Grosse Ile. Dr Leppen believes in the many benefits of better health with chiropractic care, including a stronger immune system. She is a mother of four children and a grandmother of two.
Dr. Leppen is here Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 6pm

​​​Dr. Caitlin Siegel, DC

​​​Dr. Ribley has been in the downriver area his entire life. Upon graduation from Flat Rock High School, he began his chiropractic education. Dr. Ribley graduated Life University and received his Doctor of Chiropractic in 1993. 
Dr. Ribley feels one of his greatest privileges is when patients bring their newborns in for their first adjustment. He feels it is a great honor having that trust bestowed upon him. Additionally, he feels very privileged to help all people, young and old, too attain maximum health by educating them about the benefits of leading a natural, drug-free lifestyle. 
He has maintained the healthy, chiropractic lifestyle that his parents instilled upon him. When people comment on how lucky he is to be so healthy, he replies it has nothing to do with luck. It's about educating yourself about how the body works, knowing the importance of a properly functioning nervous system, and learning the effects (good and bad) of the things we put into our bodies. He believes nutrition plays a key role in people’s overall well-being and is continually exploring options to attain better health.

​​​​​​Dr. Christine Sanfilippo has been providing chiropractic care for over 13 years.  She resides in Grosse Ile with her husband and family.  She is looking forward to serving patients in the Downriver area, where she is choosing to raise her young son and twin daughters.  She is certified in Pediatric Chiropractic care and enjoys working with pregnant women, moms and children to promote healthy living.  
Dr. Sanfilippo enjoys working in education as well.  She has spent the last three years inspiring young minds in the Health Sciences department at Baker College.  She plans to continue to teach while practicing at Siegel Chiropractic.
In addition to professional interests, Dr. Sanfilippo enjoys spending time with her children, coordinating networking activities and boating.

Dr. Christine is in the office Tuesday and Thursday 8am-12pm & 3pm-7pm

Saturday 9am-12pm

Dr. Siegel is a native of Lincoln Park and an alumnus of Lincoln Park High School.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College in Marietta , Georgia.  Since graduation he has taken numerous post-graduate courses in topics such as sports medicine, nutrition, pediatrics and advanced technique seminars.  He holds certificates as a personal trainer and as a strength and conditioning specialist from the NSCA.  He has practiced in the downriver area for the past 25 years.

Dr. Siegel became interested in the profession as a teenager, when chiropractic care helped him overcome a shoulder injury.  He experienced firsthand the effect that chiropractic had reducing pain and wanted to help others achieve these results.  Through study and practice he realized that not only is chiropractic an effective pain-reliever, but that it also allows the body to function at it's best.  He learned that a properly functioning nervous system could help people overcome many health problems and achieve peak performance.

His approach to health care is to analyze and treat each patient for spinal misalignments and postural distortions, and to make nutritional and exercise recommendations so that the patient can achieve optimum health.

Scott Siegel, DC, CSCS, CPT